Amount of Releases of Fate/Origin NFT

“Fate/Origin” is the first large-scale 3D MMORPG game developed based on Binance Smart Chain.

There are 41 kinds of NFTs in the game, such as pets, mounts, fashions, wings, etc. It not only allows you to obtain high profits, but also experience gorgeous special effects.

We will focus on the issuance value of NFT in the next section

Total of NFT

Total: 30, 800

There are four categories of NFT, which are Pet NFT, Mount NFT, Wings NFT, Fashion NFT

There are 10 separate NFTs under each category, which are divided into 5 (one is special) qualities as shown in the figure:

It should be noted that JOJO is a special type of mount NFT, which is not sold and can only be obtained by airdrop.

Among them, the number and HashRate of NFT with different quality are different, as shown in the figure:

NFT Phase Release: 800 (2.60% of the total)

JOJO is only 800 in total as a special type and can only be obtained by airdrop. We will airdrop some users who hold JOJO special NFT, so we will announce the news. Please keep an eye on us at any time.

Total pre-sale: 9,320 (accounting for 30.26% of the total)

It is sold in the form of a card package, with a total of 5 issues as shown in the figure

Original JOJO: 3,000 (9.7% of the total)

If you own JOJO NFT, you can evolve into Fate/Origin NFT. Of course, if so, your JOJO NFT will also be burned.

Fate/Origin Operations: 520 (1.69% of the total)

We will hold a series of operational activities in the community to reward (with NFT) players participating in the activities;

Launch on Binance NFT: 1440 (4.68% of the total)

We will sell some NFTs on the Binance NFT market

Released with game milestones: 15,720 (accounting for 51.07% of the total)

First of all, we want to announce that if you choose to enter the game, you must hold at least one or more Fate/Origin NFT.

We will release 15,720 Fate/Origin NFT through the blind box again after the beta version of the game is released. Its main function is to help community users enter the game.

Fate/Origin NFT is the most important asset in the game. Each player usually needs to equip 4 or more NFTs in the game. With the increase of game players, the community’s demand for Fate/Origin NFT will become higher and higher. Therefore, we will release the remaining 15,720 NFTs after the game reaches a certain milestone.

The game milestones and the number of NFTs released at this stage are as follows:

DAU reaches 1500: 2280

DAU reaches 3000: 2640

DAU reaches 5000: 3600

DAU reaches 8000: 3600

DAU reaches 12000: 3600

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