In the fourth development log of Kingdom Arena, we will introduce the travel and crystal mine in the game


1. Game players can take the Berlin airship on the city outskirts to travel to other places on the mainland, such as air prison island, portal to another world, etc. 2. Game players need to consume physical strength every time they travel. Their physical strength will recover by 1 point every half an hour, which will not recover after reaching the upper limit. 3. Increase the level to increase the maximum physical strength. 4. Enter one place at random while traveling. Random encounter with pets, heroic events or special events after entering. 5. Each location can encounter different pets and trigger different hero events. 6. Get the intimacy of the pet after meeting the pet, obtain random props rewards after triggering hero events.

[Crystal mine]

Game players can develop two methods of mine occupation in the game. Crystal mine playing method is the most basic method, and the advanced NFT gold mine playing method will be introduced in subsequent logs:

Occupation rules of crystal mine: 1. Occupy the mine by fighting. 2. When occupying a higher ranked mine, exchange mine with opponents while winning, and keep the current mine unchanged while losing. 3. If the mine is successfully occupied by other players, the mine will be exchanged with other players; If the occupation fails, the current mine can be kept unchanged.

Reward rules of crystal mine: 1. Occupation reward: The higher the ranking of the occupied mine, the better the reward. Every time a new mine is reached, the mine will be changed to a new mine scene. 2. Daily reward: The daily crystal mine income will be distributed by mail based on the daily final ranking. 3. Building earning speed: The higher the ranking of the mine, the higher the bonus of building earning speed. 4. The crystal mine has an exclusive exchange shop. Game players can gain income by occupying the obtained crystal mine.


1. All functions are subject to the actual launch, and may be changed during this period 2. The above is the fifth development log from the development team of Kingdom Arena. Thank you for your patience in reading.

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