The third development log of Kingdom Arena

In the second development log of Kingdom Arena, we will introduce the hero cultivation module in game.

Hero cultivation module

The NFT hero obtained by you in game can be cultivated. The hero with higher qualification would have higher cultivation growth and more skills.

Upgrade of hero 1. Hero experience would be obtained through adventure, the consumption of hero experience can be used for hero upgrade. For upgrade of every 50 levels, 3 kinds of different vouchers need to be consumed to break through the upper limit of hero level.

2. Hero upgrade will boost the hero’s fighting capacity and operation capacity. It is worth mentioning that the fighting capacity of heroes without fighting in most combats would also be evenly transferred to the fighting heroes based on equal proportion. So it is very necessary to properly and evenly cultivate all your NFT heroes.

3. Every hero has its fate pets and can obtain a group of NFT heroes and NFT partners, then the fighting and operation would have extra complete bonus.

Skills and equipment of hero 1. Due to different occupations, heroes would be dispatched to different function architectures such as smithy, restaurants, etc. with different bonus. Every hero has its own proficient field.

2. Heroes’ skills include combat skills and operation skills, in which the operation skills can be improved through consumption of props. The on-site heroes after improvement would provide higher speed of earning money, and high-qualification heroes can boost 6–8 management skills, with higher initial and upper limit. The combat skills can’t be improved. There are relatively abundant and ingenious combat skills in this game, including reply and inhibition reply, BUFF overlay, blood consumption with poison, invisible assassination and harvest, etc., full of strategy and skills.

3. Heroes can wear devices. There is a Grief equipment shop. When you obtain new weapon or equipment drawing, the hero who can wear them would visit this shop, then you can customize suitable equipment for him, then he would wear it in fighting.

Enhancement and treasure In adventure activities, there are some treasures occasionally, which are different from equipment and would provide extra qualification for heroes. Different treasures can generate different effects. The bonus percentage of hero skill improvement through enhancement belongs to relatively considerable cultivation approach.

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