DEV LOG #5: Main Auxiliary Cultivation Systems

Hello, thank you for your continued attention. This is the 5th development log of the Fate/Origin team. Fate/Origin development has entered the end of debugging and development of the Beta version. We will introduce the main auxiliary cultivation systems in the game this week, namely God System, Mecha System, and Illustration System.

Before the God system, we will introduce the distribution proportion of attributes in the game. NFT module (Wings, Mounts, Costumes, Pets) > Equipment & related systems > God> Mecha > Illustration system. NFT is the module with the highest cost performance and delivery proportion in the game, followed by the equipment introduced last week. Mecha, Gods, and Illustrations are also auxiliary modules that can not be ignored. After all, attributes are accumulated.

God System(Debugging)

The God System with transparent visibility is similar to protection. Although its attributes are not as good as equipment, the advanced protection skills are excellent, which will play a reversal role at the critical time of battle. Since it is a God System, its activation will be designed to be more ceremonial:

1. Each god has its fragments that can be used to light up the parts of the god

2. This God will be activated when 8 parts are lit in sequence.

3. When activated, gods can be miraculously transformed and their abilities will be activated in battle.

4. Each deity has 2 abilities, of which the attribute ability will be permanent, and the passive ability will only be effective for miraculously transformed Gods.

5. Excess fragments can reactivate 8 parts to upgrade gods.

In terms of God battles, powerful skills such as armor for several seconds when HP is lower than a certain ratio are designed. In addition, the fragments of Gods can be traded in the game.

Mecha System (Debugging)

Although there are not many Mecha available for players to choose from in the game, each one will provide powerful output AOE pleasure.

1. The activation mode of Mecha is similar to that of gods, which is to collect Mecha fragments, that is, to activate Mecha after lighting 8 parts.

2. Mecha has an exclusive set of equipment systems including 4 basic parts and a core part.

3. The quality and composition rules of the Mecha equipment are somewhat similar to those of the equipment, which is orange and above before the Mecha equipment can be used to synthesize the core parts, especially difficult to obtain.

4. The endurance of the Mecha is not shared with the player’s blood bar, which means that the player can use the Mecha in the near-death state and continue to output it until the endurance of the Mecha is exhausted.

In addition, the DPS and output range of players transformed by Mecha are far beyond the normal state. The high-quality equipment of the Mecha and the core of the Mecha can be traded on the market in the game.

Illustrated Handbook System (Debugging)

Illustration Handbook System is an important collection system in the game, and it is possible to get Illustration Handbooks from different BOSS scenes or different activities. For example, players who kill different BOSS in the world BOSS have the opportunity to get the Illustration Handbook of the BOSS. The last wave of BOSS will also drop the advanced Illustration Handbook in the activities of guild guards. But whoever will find it can only rely on luck. Repeatedly acquired illustrations can be decomposed into illustrations experience for upgrading illustrations or trading with players in need in the market.

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