Kingdom Arena Volunteer Recruitment

Dear Gamers:

First, thank you for your support. Kingdom Arena is a wizarding world simulation and adventure battle Play-to-Earn game. We are committed to developing into a global game. So, we plan to recruit Several Volunteers to develop the community and collect community feedback and suggestions. All gamers can sign up, and qualified gamers will become volunteers. Volunteers will have exclusive benefits, but also need to perform corresponding duties

Conditions of application:

  1. Have an active community with more than 200 people (Telegram);

  2. Have more than 6 hours a day and be interested in blockchain games.

Volunteer rewards:

  1. Weekly reward JOJO tokens

  2. Excellent Volunteer NFT Reward

  3. Eligibility to participate in the in-game beta

  4. Regularly reward in-game props, which can be traded and battled in game battle

Responsibilities of Volunteers:

  1. Help users in the group understand Kingdom Arena and answer daily questions, and assist official personnel in the daily maintenance of the official group;

  2. Help to announce Kingdom Arena new activities and new introductions;

  3. Introduce new users to the gameplay and strategies in the game, so that new players can integrate faster;

  4. No behavior or remarks that slander the Kingdom Arena game will be allowed. Once discovered, the title of Volunteers will be cancelled immediately;

If you successfully become a Kingdom Arena volunteer, you need to submit a work report every week, and we will issue weekly rewards for you based on the content of the work report.

Please submit your application to @KingdomArenaBSC in Telegram

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