How to Build-To-Earn in KingdomArena?

When you get Kingdom NFT and enter the game, the buildings that can be built in the game are divided into various types, such as farms, mining areas, adventures, ranches, hotels, mills, taverns, restaurants, etc. When you finish building and start dispatching NFTs, There will be benefits such as:


You can grow a lot of crops on the farm, try to cultivate them by watering and fertilizing them. After the crops are mature, you can harvest them and trade them to get profits. You can also collect all the crops on the blueprint to get treasure chests. Collecting crops of different qualities can get different treasure chests. Open it and you can get corresponding benefits.

Mine Hill

After unlocking, miners can be dispatched to the Mine Hill to mine at any time. The ore is divided into various qualities, and the ore of different qualities has different effects and different benefits. You can garrison Mine Hill by sending NFTs. Please note that anyone can challenge you after the defense time is closed. If the defense fails, you will lose the mining area income. Of course, you can go to occupy other people's mining areas at any time.


In the ranch, you can activate the pet NFT you have. It not only has a charming appearance, but you can also tame it, upgrade, cultivate intimacy, and increase the charm value. When the intimacy between you and your pet reaches certain conditions, you can upgrade the pet's level, and earn more profits. Pet NFT has its own earning skills, as long as you have and cultivate it, it can speed up the earning speed of all your buildings.

Hotels, Taverns, Restaurants

In each scene, you can increase the speed of making money by upgrading buildings, increasing popularity, obtaining high-level formulas, and dispatching NFTs.


Through hero adventure, you can challenge the boss of each level, and you can gain benefits by defeating it. At the same time, on the way of the adventure, you will encounter various types of events, and there are different rewards for completing them.

Trading Center

All the props and assets you get here can be traded, and you can get benefits by buying items you are satisfied with or selling your items to people who need them more. Transactions in the market need to be charged 5% of the transaction amount as a handling fee. Of course, most of the funds will be used for user community building or game rewards.

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