Kingdom Arena NFT Value

We are very excited to bring Kingdom Arena to JOJO Gamebase, and Kingdom Arena will launch IGO on JOJO Gamebase at UTC 12PM on December 16. Now, we also introduce more information about Kingdom NFT to the community.

Kingdom Arena NFT Total Supply: 28,700

Kingdom Arena NFT has 3 categories, namely HERO, PET, and Special. Heroes and Pets each have 10 types of NFT. There is only 1 Special NFT, which will be used to reward the JOJO Community. The rarity, name , supply, and HashRate of each NFT are as follows:

Maiden Knight Meju will be distributed via airdrop.

NFT Distribution

  1. 8520 NFTs will be sold through JOJO Gamebase;

  2. 272 NFTs will be released through community activities;

  3. 7680 NFTs will be sold jointly with other partners;

  4. 9088 NFTs will be produced through Play-to-Earn in the game;

  5. 2840 NFTs will be released after the game goes live.

Kingdom IGO will be divided into 5 phases

8520 NFTs will be sold through JOJO Gamebase

What are the uses of Kingdom Arena NFT?

If you own Kingdom Arena NFT, you can get multiple benefits

1. Stake-to-Earn in Kingdom Arena NFT Pool on JOJO Website;

2. Play-to-Earn in the game;

3. Improve the attributes in the game and obtain high-level items;

4. Trade your NFT on JOJO NFT Market.

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