Kingdom Arena is a wizarding world simulation and adventure battle Play-to-Earn game. Combine town building, hero adventure, pet farming, trade and naval battles, mine mining, banquets and more.

We will introduce the farm and adventure module of Kingdom Arena:

Farm Module

In a Farm, players can breed and cultivate pets. Pets of players would occur in farm and have their respective living areas.

  1. Pet’s key attributes include the charm value and intimacy. The fetter level can be boosted when both charm value and intimacy reach a new stage. The higher the pet fetter level is, the higher the making-money speed and attribute of bred pets.

  2. Feeding of pet: The pet feeding with parrot, etc. can improve its charm value and intimacy.

  3. For the domestication of pet, players can consume energy to domesticate pets. One pet is selected in random as the domestication target for common domestication, and the domestication may make the pet bear baby.


  1. The born baby can be cultivated with gold coin and energy biscuits. With the improvement of cultivation progress, such baby can bring higher money-making speed to your farm.

  2. When baby grows up, it can independently dispatch work or cooperate with adult babies of other players to dispatch work, bringing lots of incomes to your farm.

  3. The competition activities of baby would be held regularly at the town arena. Different babies have different battle features and skills, in which the adult baby with higher money-making speed owns higher battle attributes.

Adventure playing method

  1. Players can dispatch heroes for wild adventure. The drawing for commodity research and development can be obtained and the hero experience used as hero level can be improved through adventure.

  2. Each adventure consumes gold coin. The higher the hero’s fighting capacity is, the less the gold coin is consumed.

  3. The challengers block the way in the end of every adventure checkpoint. Before battle, gold coin or crop can be consumed to encourage the team, and the BUFF bonus can be obtained temporarily in battle.

  4. Some unexpected events would happen in the adventure, which can be solved by the dispatched hero, and the additional awards can be obtained when the specified hero is dispatched.

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