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Play-to-Earn NFT debris

1. What is NFT fragmentation?

NFT fragments are advanced props in the Fate / Origin game. When you set 100 NFT fragments, you can redeem 1 full Fate / Origin NFT to the trading market to give players, you can get rich income.

2. How to get NFT debris?

In the Fate / Origin, you can get NFT fragments through the isoms, check-in, characters, kill BOSS, and complete the task. Of course, each channel is different, you want to get more debris needs to complete different tasks.

Sign in:

Enter the game check in every day, you can get a high-grade props, and NFT fragments can be obtained at the specified number of days.


The characters in the game are upgraded to the specified level, and the package can be obtained, and the package contains NFT fragments. Different levels have different numbers.

Kill BOSS:

When unlocking the world BOSS function, you can kill BOSS to get NFT fragmentation and advanced props. If you want more debris, you can use $ JOJO to purchase the drug water to unlock BOSS, you can get up to 5 drugs per day, if you want to have more, You can go to the game Market purchase (open after the game is open).


You can participate in PVP in the arena, you can get NFT fragments every day, please don’t miss it, the quantity is as follows:

TOP1: Reward 5 NFT fragments

TOP2-TOP3: Reward 3 NFT fragments per user

TOP4-TOP10: Reward 2 NFT fragments for each user

TOP11-TOP20: Reward 1 NFT fragmentation per user

Schedule task:

Complete the task in the game can get the progress value. When the progress value reaches the specified segment, NFT fragmentation can be obtained.

3. What is the use of NFT debris?

Click “NFT EXC” in the game to see the number of NFT fragments you currently, each 100 NFT fragments exchange 1 Fate / Origin NFT box, if you have 100, you can click “Exchange” to exchange NFT box, redeem With 48 hours of freeze period, you can receive it after the end, you cannot redeem the second time before the end of the freeze period.

When you receive success, you need to enter the Jojo NFT backpack to see the NFT box, you can choose the trading box or open the box, open the box you will get 1 Fate / Origin NFT (N, R, SR, SSR) of the random quality. Then you can dig or trade.

About Play-To-EARN NFT debris has been completed, the next article we will release high income in how to earn high income in the game trading equipment.

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