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DEV LOG #4: Trial Temple & Gameplay equipment system

Hello, this is the development team of Fate/Origin. The development is in the middle stage. This week, we completed several important games to help players grow, and made rich optimizations for key games that have been developed.

In the development log of the fourth article, we will introduce an important growth point in the game except for the NFT module: Trial Temple, a fast-rising game. Gameplay equipment system for rapidly improving combat power, and the high transaction value part of this system-God Costume Synthesis.

Trial Temple (Completed)

First of all, the role of the level game level is very important, that is, high-level players can enter the high-level BOSS map, which means that you challenge the high-level BOSS earlier than others (similar to mines in our game). First, by occupying high-level resources, you will gain greater resource advantages and occupy a more important position in the transaction of scarce resources in the market. Please focus on your level after entering the game.

The Trial Temple we developed this week is the fastest way for players to improve levels in the shortest time. Within 5 minutes, there will be three difficult monster brushes. Killing them will award you a lot of experience.

There is no doubt that this is a test of DPS and AOE gameplay because hitting more monsters in a limited time will gain higher experience. Therefore, it is particularly important to grasp the use of mecha and skills. In addition, we provide an incentive mechanism to use up the number of incentives to maximize the benefits as much as possible.

Mecha Test (Completed)

Mecha Test is a newly added pass-through game, that is continuously improving your combat power to challenge these 12 kimds of difficult gameplay in a limited number of days. It is different from other games.

When you encounter difficulties, you can invite high-power players for help. In this gameplay scenario, we designed a purely collaborative mechanism to test your interpersonal relationship with other players. If you are usually fierce and often rob other players of resources in this game, you have to spend time and energy or sacrifice certain benefits to achieve resource exchange.

The game has made rich exploratory designs for the relationship between resources and players, and TOKEN and resources must be an effective catalyst. I believe you will meet exact partners or unforgettable opponents in the game.

Optimization for Fantasy Island (Debugging)

In Fantasy Island, we have made regular refreshes to limit the number of treasures. At present, we are considering adding TOKEN to the treasures. Fantasy Island is the key scene in the middle and late stages of our design summary. We hope it will be more active and involved.

In addition, we have done the basic task chain of Fantasy Island. Although it is still the basic tasks such as NPC dialogue, collection, and monster brushing, the basic guaranteed output, and concise tasks allow players to gain a friendly guide when entering Fantasy Island.

Equipment system and God Costume Synthesis (Completed)

Although the equipment system is not made into NFT in our game, it is the most important way to improve the combat power except NFT. For example, equipment is also an important shovel in the game, which will greatly improve efficiency.

We have made thirteen orders of equipment, which is a transitional iterative cultivation system, but I believe that high-order and high-quality equipment will be very valuable and popular, and always be needed. This is especially true of high-order God Costumes. Three pieces of orange equipment with two stars and the same order can be combined into one piece of red equipment with two stars and the same order. Three pieces of two-star red equipment can be synthesized into one piece of three-star red equipment of the same order.

A godcostume can only be synthesized by adding Shenyuan Stone year on year, and there is a probability that the synthesis will fail in the synthesis process, so the difficulty and popularity of obtaining God costume can be imagined. Of course, all the materials used in the synthesis process are valuable, so a considerable part of the goods circulating in the in-game market will be equipment.

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