Fashion is an indispensable thing for characters. We can change the appearance of characters by wearing different fashions. At the same time wearing different fashions, we will also get different combat attribute bonuses.

Fashion: Nether Sky, Outraged, Wedding Dress, Magician, Cowboy Set, Young Blood, New Year Costume, Red Pasion, Childhood Fantasy, Awakening Dragon.

Nether Sky

The favorite clothes of the emissaries of the underworld can be worn and freely shuttled through the gates of the underworld


Favored by young people chasing cool trends

Wedding Dress

The couple’s necessary dress at the wedding, which is blessed and praised by everyone


There are too many secrets hidden under the black appearance. Look, an eagle flys out of the clothes

Cowboy Set

Bang bang, the grumpy cowboy is dueling with someone again

Young Blood

Under the bright red appearance, there is incomparably warm energy. Let’s dance together

New Year Costume

The new year has begun. Are you ready to fight

Red Pasion

Baptized by blood and fire, demons from hell fight! Fight! Fight!

Childhood Fantasy

Do you still remember the fun when you were a child by the sea?

Awakening Dragon

Legend has it that the dragon Druun is sealed here. Whenever people put on their clothes, they can always hear Druun whisper (break my seal and I will give you the power to conquer the world)

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