There are 4 types of Fate/Origin NFTs, which are mounts, pets, fashions, and wings. There are 10 NFTs under each type. This article will mainly introduce 10 kinds of NFT in pets

Pets will inherit a certain percentage of the player’s damage output, and powerful pets will be able to influence the situation of a battle.

Pets: Masked Nekomata, Rifleman Ashbug, Tachi·Arcanine, Shadowy Sea Girl, Candy Witch Barbie, Werewolf — Moondevour, Mecha Demonbeast, Pincer — Flame Devourer, Envoy — Demon Within, God — Behemoth.

Masked Nekomata

It has always been mysterious that no one knows what kind of face is hidden under the mask of darkness, because those who have seen it take off the mask lose life;

Rifleman Ashbug

When he was born, there was a vision, that is, after he was born, he was accompanied by a pair of muskets, so he was born a musketeer;


Look! The posture of wielding a knife is really handsome, much like Musk’s Shiba Inu;

Shadowy Sea Girl

Poseidon’s daughter held the supreme power and was expelled from the sea clan because she fell in love with the Shadowy love;

Candy Witch Barbie

The witch goddess is born with great strength and infinite skill in witchcraft. She is cursed by witch-cobra at birth, and her body can never grow;

Werewolf — Moondevour

Although he is so weak now, the werewolf he becomes after awakening and gaining transformation skills is very powerful!

Mecha Demonbeast

Ugly appearance, but its strength should not be underestimated. Strong armor can not only defend but also emit dynamic light waves;

Pincer — Flame Devourer

The huge crab tongs of the king who originated from the sea can easily clip off anything;

Envoy — Demon Within

Angel demons born in the angel into a god at that moment terrible is that angels can not destroy it but only seal it; Once unsealed, terrible things will happen;

God — Behemoth

One of the most loyal followers of Zeus, the king of the gods, ignored all physical attacks;

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