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Kingdom Arena is a wizarding world simulation and adventure battle Play-to-Earn game. Combine town building, hero adventure, pet farming, trade and naval battles, mine mining, banquets and more.

In the game, as a city lord, you rebuild the destroyed town, recruit heroes from different races, unite your strength to run production, grow your power, repel the invading foreign enemies and become a prominent lord.

Of course, in the game you can get rich income through various types of tasks, such as mining, building, hatching, PVP/PVE, you can get a very friendly game experience and earn income at the same time.

Prosperous Town

The background and buildings are developed by UNITY engine with 3D cartoon rendering, the picture shows the town inhabitants travelers busy with their work in hand, going to and from various places, dozens of different functions of buildings, hundreds of production chains to meet all aspects of the town inhabitants.

Production and construction, management of the town

Players can run various businesses: blacksmith stores, tailor stores, taverns, and can unlock each building according to their management talents and main quests. Recruit workers, dispatch heroes, and carefully take care of them to make your neighborhood more prosperous and gain a lot of revenue.

Multi-race heroes NFT, adventure and battle, earn income

Heroes of different races gather here together. Knights, rangers, druids, barbarians, mages, heroes of many different professions can be recruited and dispatched to different facilities to improve the efficiency of the facility’s revenue output. These heroes can also be compiled into teams to go on adventures, and depending on their different professions and attributes, there are different skill sets and battle strategies that will allow you to earn high profits while having a good time fighting.

Build equipment, improve attributes, and swap and trade

There are more than 100 different parts of equipment of different professions to cast, and also dozens of rare treasures to collect. Top quality equipment equipped with special heroes can play a miraculous effect in battle, while you can also sell the equipment to the market for allies who need it!

Collect pets NFT, herding and hatching

In the game there are dozens of pets can be collected, collected pets, can be herded in the vast pasture, pasture breeding grown pets, can be traded pairing to other players, help you earn gold, which attributes of powerful pets recommended to make up the team to collaborate in battle.

Hold banquet, airboat tour

In the game, there are different scenarios and sizes of banquets from outdoor barbecues to wine tasting parties, and players can invite several or even hundreds of friends and allies to participate. Airboats will travel around the continent to explore different areas and unlock different encounters.


Occupy the mine mining, naval war wanted, lord fight, the game has a rich PVP and PVE system, so that players cultivate a team of heroes, pet team can fight together. Reap the unique glory and high earnings.

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