Fate/Origin — WINGS

There are 4 types of Fate/Origin NFTs, which are mounts, pets, fashions, and wings. There are 10 NFTs under each type. This article will mainly introduce 10 kinds of NFT in wings.

Wings not only improve the player’s combat effectiveness, but also serve as decorations to enhance the character’s image.

Wings: Titan Plume, Phantom Wings, Mach Power, Demonic Wings, Steel Feather, Radish Bonnie, Spellwings, Divine Wings, Crow’s Cry, Glimmering Wing.

Titan Plume

Made of the blood and hair of the ancient Protoss Titans, evil and powerful

Phantom Wings

Combine the softest feathers of noble peacocks with rare red jade, it enhances love, loyalty and inspires courage.

Mach Power

The crystallization of high technology & the combination of machinery and power; Just like the name, it has unparalleled speed.

Demonic Wings

Have a beautiful appearance and wave it gently like an elf. People go crazy for it

Steel Feather

Forged from fine steel, it is extremely hard

Radish Bonnie

Lovely Bonnie wields its favorite food. Don’t underestimate carrots, or you will suffer a big loss!


Inlaid with the eyes of the ancient goddess Qingluan, an ominous object full of curses and resentment.

Divine Wings

Made of feathers dropped by pure angels, full of power of love

Crow’s Cry

Legend has it that it was made of the feathers of the Yatagarasu who rescued Emperor Jimmy Woo’s Eastern Expedition in Kumano Mountain. It will sing alone in the endless night. That is the guidance of God

Glimmering Wing

Made of rare titanium crystals, it has powerful energy and has been powerful under the illumination of light

You will choose to equip which pair of wings

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