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Fate Holders: Thank you for your continued support of the Fate/Origin game. After nearly two months of waiting, the Fate/Origin game will be officially launched. We have prepared a double benefit event for all participating players, so that they can improve their combat power while upgrading to get a higher ranking!

Event time: UTC 11AM, December 29, 2021— UTC 11AM, January 10, 2022 Target: All players

Activity content

1.In the Fate/Origin game, a We can improve combat effectiveness by equipping NFTs, upgrading heroes, upgrading equipment, etc. and the top 50 players will be rewarded according to their ranking at the end of the event. The rewards are as follows:

Top1: R Level NFT + 1800K JOJO Top2: N Level NFT + 1000K JOJO Top3: N Level NFT + 900K JOJO Top4–10: 700K JOJO Top11–20: 450K JOJO Top21–50: 250K JOJO

2. In order to celebrate the start of the New Year, we will open the leveling limited time event, the first 100 players who exceed 300 levels before utc 11am on January 4, 2022 will be rewarded with 100K JOJO tokens


1. Players need at least one Fate/Origin NFT to enter the game and participate in the battle 2. All rewards will be issued within five working days after the end of the event on January 10 3. In order to create a good game environment, the game does not allow any cheating methods. The game has anti-cheat detection, players found cheating will be recorded and canceled rewards

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