Introduction About Kingdom Arena

The devil carries many monsters to the Adredra Canyon, and the courageous asked please organize the hero to clean up the monsters. The battle of monsters can get equipment and materials research drawings, hero experience, tokne, fragments and other massive rewards.



  1. Adventure Clearance Higher level will unlock the town’s architectural type, the research drawings obtained by the adventure can be put into to create and automate production, meet the needs of residents, and get high earning.

  2. The higher the hero’s war, the less gold coins consumed during adventures. When the gold coin is insufficient, you cannot take a risk.


  1. When challenges BOSS, you can use Token or meat to encourage, inspiring can temporarily improve the war.

  2. Beat BOSS to get a lot of hero experiences and high rewards.

  3. The probability triggers adventure during the adventure process, dispatching a suitable hero to properly resolve an additional reward.


Hero attributes

  1. Hero Level: Can be upgraded by consumed hero

  2. Hero qualification: determine the rapid economic potential of heroes, the higher the rare hero.


  1. Hero skills: enhance the ability to affect various attributes, can increase the material.

  2. Hero fate: the relationship between heroes and pets, can improve the impact of force.

  3. Hero Talent: The ability of hero is born to improve the effect.

  4. Heroic Lung Ring: Some rare heroes have a percentage to enhance the power.

  5. Hero breakthrough: enhance the hero level upper limit.

  6. Heroes refine: Improve an important way to affect the war, or improve the talent level.

  7. Hero equipment: can be created by making manual, the higher the equipped equipments, the higher the increased power.

Pet (pasture)

Collection of pets, shepherd hatching

In the game, more than dozens of pets can be collected, collecting pets, can be scored in the vast pasture, improve attributes, and born high-quality baby, in which the property powerful pets suggest into teamwork battle .

Pet attributes

  1. Pet intimate: represents the closeness of the player, the higher the intimateness, the higher the baby earns.

  2. Pet Charm value: The more charm value of the pet, the higher the charm value, the higher the happiness.

Pets improve

  1. Pet gift: Gift props, improve intimacy and charm.

  2. Pet skills: increase building earning and hero’s war.

  3. Pet Fetters: Improve Fetters, increase your baby’s quality, and improve the Fetters effect.

Pet training

  1. Consumption can be randomly domesticated a pet.

  2. Increase the fate value according to the pet glamor value after domestication of the pet.

  3. The energy value is slowly recovered, the higher the player level, the faster the recovery speed.


Create a guild

  1. The player can create a guild after the player unlocks the security system.

  2. Creating a guild needs to consume token.

  3. After dissolving or exiting the guild, personal contribution will decrease.

  4. Exiting the guild has a cooling time and can be added to other guilds.


Members can use personal contribution to the store to exchange high-yield value items.

Naval battle

The battle battle

  1. Every time you play up to 5 heroes, the hero who is playing will consume 1 point.

  2. After the number of heroes is over, it will enter 60 minutes cooling. After the end, the number of times is restored, and the number of 3 times can be stored. Reload the number of heroes to the upper limit of the hero of 0 points to the upper limit of the storage.

  3. During the preparation, it can be encouraged by spending Token, encouraging the temporary improvement of the dispatch team.

The sea battle announcement

  1. When the result of the battle meets the announcement conditions, the results will be released into the warming announcement.

  2. All players can challenge players in the Cavet announcement

  3. The hero who played the integration according to the number of winners, points can be exchanged for high-profile items

The sea battle battle report

  1. The Harmony Battle report will record details of the challenge of other players every day.

  2. Players can counterattack in battle reports, and try to consume challenge.

  3. Reset the Marriage Battle of the Marriage Daily.



  1. Each travel needs to consume physical strength, and the physical strength will restore 1 point every half hour. If the upper limit is not recovered, or by purchasing can be obtained.

  2. The upgrade level can increase the upper body limit.

  3. If the pet is encountered, the pet’s intimacy is obtained, and the random props reward will be obtained after triggering the hero event.

Mining occupation


  1. The occupation of the mine is carried out through the battle.

  2. When the ranking is higher, the victory will exchange the mine with the opponent, and the current mine will remain unchanged.

  3. If the mine is successfully occupied by other players, the mine will be exchanged in the other party; if its occupation fails, the current mine can be maintained.

The reward rules

  1. Occupy reward: The higher the rankings of the occupation of the mine, the better the reward. Whenever a new mine is reached, the mine will change to a new mine scenario.

  2. Daily reward: According to the final house, the daily crystal ore benefits are issued.

  3. Construction earning: The higher the mine rankings, the higher the building earnings.

Redemption store

The occupation can be obtained, and the crystal mine can be exchanged in the redemption store.


Treasure property

  1. Treasure level: can increase the qualification by consumed the improvement of treasures

  2. Treasure Qualification: Representing the treasures of the treasures to increase qualifications for heroes

  3. Treasure career: Treasures have the same career as hero after use.

Treasure improvement

  1. Treasure skills: Increase the war for the hero, the skill effect is distinguished according to the occupation. The effect can be improved by skill culture, and the effect of using the wonderful fruit culture is better, and the maximum culture is 25%.

  2. Treasure upgrade: consumption of treasure essence can improve treasure qualifications.

  3. Treasure awakening: Some rare treasures can get new skills through awakening.

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