JOJO NFT Pool and “Stake-to-Earn”

J OJO NFT is not just collectibles, you can stake them to JOJO NFT POOL to earn $JOJO, and you can also participate in Refining, Breeding gameplay and more games in the follow-up JOJO FUN Metaverse. Now, we first introduce to you JOJO NFT POOL and “Stake-to-Earn”

10% of each transaction amount on the $JOJO chain will be deducted and redistributed, of which:

4% is allocated to the currency holding address;

3% is allocated to NFT POOL;

3% is exchanged for $JOJO/$BNB and injected into PancakeSwap 2.0 liquidity pool.

After the JOJO NFT blind box is sold, the sales revenue will be distributed in the following way:

50% enter the Black Hole address to be burned;

40% enter NFT POOL;

10% is owned by the development team.

As long as JOJO is still circulating on BSC, NFT POOL will continue to have funds injected, and the mining pools in JOJO NFT POOL will be issued to community members through NFT stake mining.

All NFTs issued by JOJO have the attribute of “HashRate”. The higher the HashRate, the faster the mining speed of the NFT.

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