October 2021

1.Development and deployment of NFT contracts

2.Game official website release

3.The game enters the test, and release the development log every week

Early-November 2021

1.Launch the INO (Initial NFT Offering) on JOJO Gamebase;

2.Listed on JOJO NFT Market

3.Start the NFT Pool

Mid-November 2021

1.More AMAs

2.Expand the Community

December 2021

1.Release the Beta APP

2.Invite KOLs to test the game

3.Game Beta APP released to the community

4.Iteration of the game

January 2022

1.Join BSC MVB Program

2.Fate/Origin 2.0 development and testing

3.Cooperation with other ecological projects

4. Launch casting function (Deflation of Fate/Origin NFT)

March 2022

1.Launch Fate/Origin 2.0

2.Deploy to ETH/Solana

Follow Fate/Origin

Website: https://fateorigin.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fate_Origin

Discord: https://discord.gg/QsxJ8pjsrj

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