DEV LOG #6:Gem System & Artifact System

Hello, thanks for your continued attention. This is the 6th development log of Fate/Origin’s team. Fate/Origin development will soon enter a community beta phase.

This week’s development log will introduce the completed in-game Market Module, Equipment Upgrades, Gem System, and Artifact System.

Market trading system (Under test)

TOKEN trading system of non-NFT system props in the game (non-NFT props such as equipment also increase combat power) is a necessity to get NFT rewards. Of course, players will create these with JOJO coins for a long time, which can be purchased directly from other players.

This market trading system is fair in the game, where players will trade freely and exchange their needs. It should be noted that men and women wear different equipment in the game, which means that the equipment needs are directly related to the gender ratio of the characters created by the players. We welcome players to create favorite characters freely in the game. (This is a test network account)

Upgrade system of equipment (Under test)

Spending gold coins in the game can upgrade equipment to obtain a small number of attributes, and the upper limit of upgrade is directly linked to the order of equipment. Although there are not many attributes upgraded by equipment, you have 8 parts of equipment. Wearing higher-level equipment will improve higher-level attributes, and a mickle makes a mickle.

Gem system (Under test)

Like all traditional role-playing games, the equipment we designed will be inlaid with precious stones. For example, ruby can improve attack attributes and emerald can increase defense and health value. Low-grade gems can be used to synthesize higher-grade ones. High-grade equipment has more gem-setting holes. It is also a long-term culture system.

Artifact system (Under test)

Artifacts are some special weapons. Players can miraculously transform the appearance via fashion-matching weapons in the game, and can also miraculously transform display through activated artifacts.

For artifact, two training lines have been made, one of which is upgraded by consuming materials, and the other is to increase attributes by consuming materials. Advanced artifact will also increase the percentage attribute.

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