JOJO is Recruiting Global Ambassadors!

Do you want to join us and Create the Greatest JOJO FUN Metaverse together?

JOJO FUN Metaverse = You + NFT + Game + SmartTOY

JOJO Global Ambassador is being recruited, join JOJO, you will get more than just Money!


Regularly reward JOJO Bounty NFT, which can be staked to JOJO Bounty Pool to earn $JOJO;

The first batch of JOJO Global Ambassadors will also receive $JOJO Token;

Participate in JOJO FUN Metaverse NFT game project earlier and even get the Early Bird subscription quota;

Participate in online and offline activities on behalf of JOJO to enhance your influence in the global blockchain community.

If you meet the following conditions, you are welcome to submit an application:

Agree with JOJO’s vision and be willing to work for JOJO FUN Metaverse;

Have a certain understanding of NFT;

If you have a certain influence in the blockchain community, it will be better.

You need to do:

Promote JOJO on Twitter, Youtube, Reddit and other social media to expand JOJO’s influence;

Maintain the JOJO community and answer user questions;

Establish JOJO Local Telegram community and guide new users to join JOJO;

Actively participate in JOJO community activities and lead users;

Everything is conducive to let the world know about JOJO.

If you successfully become a JOJO Global Ambassador, you need to submit a work report every week, and we will issue weekly rewards for you based on the content of the work report.

Please submit your application to @JOJOLord in Telegram.

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