DEV LOG #3: PVP and BOSS system-advanced

Hello, this is the development team of Fate/Origin. Thank you for your approval of our project. NFT has completed IGO, which also gives us great encouragement. The PVP & BOSS module of Fate/Origin has been completed and is being debugged. Other subsequent games are being developed.

We will introduce the advanced gameplay in PVP and BOSS system-advanced gameplay usually means advanced benefits in the development log of the third article. In addition, we will also announce the development progress of two non-PVP modules in the game.

About Branch

Mecha racing (in the process)

To enrich the content of the game, we added the classic racing QTE game, and input the correct instructions to make the mecha sprint and accelerate the competition with other players to compete for ranking rewards. Gameplay activities will be started within a limited time.

The Road to the Gods (in the process)

A tower defense play produces the cultivation materials of the spirit cultivation system. Facing wave after wave of challenges, it will be more efficient to arrange the guardian spirit to resist monster attack and reasonably arrange the guardian spirit to kill. The more monsters you kill, the richer the reward, and gain a chance to drop rare props.

Development of Advanced Gameplay in PVP System

City-seizing battle (in the process)

The final landing plan is that players take the guild as a unit to move from the surrounding strongholds to the core strongholds to launch a war. The BOSS probability of the core strongholds drops, including the rarest and scarce mecha assets, which will be very popular in the in-game market.

In the battle to seize the city, a medal progress reward was designed. If you reach different medal progress, you will receive different medal rewards.

Development of Gameplay method of BOSS system

Fantasy Island (in the process)

This is a world where exotic animals live, which can be collected, challenge BOSS, and support a brand-new cultivation system and trading assets. Pay attention to the possibility of encountering opponents with a large strength gap on Magic Island. Based on this problem, we changed the Magic Island to multi-tier this week, that is, the higher the player level, the higher the player level, the higher the player level, the stronger the opponent, and the more rare resources.

Throne of Stars (in the process)

Mysterious star domains that will only open at a specific time can get a lot of mysterious rewards by defeating super monsters. The mystery is often accompanied by crisis and represents the reward of a grand prize.

Multiple zone suits can enter the scene at the same time, in which there is not only the threat of monsters but also the players who should beware of other zone suits suggest teaming up to compete for mysterious rewards, improve a lot of combat power and gain extra benefits.

Space-time rift (completed)

In the game, the matching BOSS gameplay produced by the astrolabe system will only be opened in the later stage of the game. The strongest BOSS in the game will be set in this limited-time BOSS gameplay at present. Dropped props may be the scarcest in the server.

In addition, last week we announced that the test play has been completed and passed the test.

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