There are 4 types of Fate/Origin NFTs, which are mounts, pets, fashions, and wings. There are 10 NFTs under each type. This article will mainly introduce 10 kinds of NFT in Mounts

There are 10 kinds of mounts in the game, namely Wasteland Dragon, Snowfield Mammoth, Moon Sin Wolf, Arcane Ice Lion, Dragon of Doom, Crystal Nightmare, Charming Fox, Wyvern, Steel Gorilla, and Fire Phoenix.

Wasteland Dragon

A natural king, with a tall and upright posture overlooking all creatures on the earth. The low roar is enough to make the earth tremble.

Snowfield Mammoth

Legend has it that it is a species born in an extremely cold place, and its pair of long horns can emit extremely cold light and die when touched;

Moon Sin Wolf

Descendants of the Ghost Wolf come from the gates of hell. The roar of shocking the soul will make people lose their minds;

Arcane Ice Lion

The Terminator has never lost a spell battle;

Dragon of Doom

Born with the Dark Dragon in the Middle Ages, they were called the Destroying Ssangyong at that time;

Crystal Nightmare

Beautiful in appearance but can make people die instantly in their sleep, also known as Hell Messenger;

Charming Fox

The king of the nine-tailed fox family seems to be born to charm men for beauty. What is more worth showing off is that it has nine lives;


Huge wings seem to announce that they are the masters of the world;

Steel Gorilla

It has powerful fists, which existed with Titan clan in order to kill each other since the world was created;

Fire Phoenix

The noble phoenix is the real monster beast emperor. When touched by any flame on it, it will immediately turn into fly ash;

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