DEV LOG #2: PVP and BOSS systems

Hello, this is the development team of Fate/Origin. Thank you for your continuous attention. The NFT module of Fate/Origin has been completed on schedule. And we are working on the follow-up game functions urgently.

We will introduce the rich PVP and BOSS systems being developed in the game in the second development log-which is also an important way to make profits by playing Fate/Origin.

System Development Progress

Arena (completed)

The most classic 1V1 PK in the game arena, players get ranking via fair competition! You will get 10 free challenges every day, and the top 50 will get the qualification of Great God Challenge, for directly leapfrogging to challenge the strongest!

Boss House (completed)

There is no limit to the number of BOSS, but indeed to a new comer of VIP. It is the place where the core players of the game gain the most. Of course, the competition is also the fiercest.

Personal BOSS (completed)

This is the exclusive personal BOSS. There is always the risk of being attacked by other players in the world leader’s home. Personal BOSS is the exclusive personal stable income of players every day.

Peak 1v1 (in process)

You don’t have to care about the outcome of a 2-week ladder points competition system. Time enough! The oppressed will rise to win. Stop burning and rashness!

Whoever can keep working hard and growing will win the crown, beat your opponent and get one in a hundred rewards and rich profits!

BOSS System (in process)

The game has a rich and open BOSS mechanism, in which you can cooperate with players to challenge difficult BOSS to win rare drops or to be a predator, who is always a sneak attack and harvest reward at the most critical time-of course, it will cause jealousy and hatred of being preyed.

World Boss (in process)

The main source of equipment and rare props. Killing the world leader will have the opportunity to get the best equipment and rare props; The higher the level, the better the equipment you get. The best equipment obtained can be sold in the market to get rich TOKEN.

There is a limit to the number of attacks on world leaders, that is, they can only attack world leaders 3 times a day; you can’t attack the leader after the number of times is used up; You can increase the number every day with fatigue potion. The number of attacks of the leader is reset at 0 every day. Peace leader area can’t PK, so don’t worry about being attacked by other players.

For the free challenge area, you may be attacked by other players after entering the area. Of course, the more dangerous the place is, the richer the return will be!

Ancient Ruins (in process)

Limited BOSS places provide 100 rage values, which will reduce rage values by 1 point every minute you are online. Killing BOSS and monster will reduce the corresponding anger value. When the rage value is reduced to 0, it will force you to quit ancient relics. Plan the use of 100 rage value and use the hatred of BOSS to pull monsters, which will be your most efficient and profitable way.

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