Fate/Origin Gamer participation guide

There are 4 types of NFTs in the Fate/Origin blind box (pets, wings, mounts, fashions), and there are 10 NFTs under each type.

How to buy Fate/Origin Blind Box

1st: Enter Fate/Origin Website: https://fateorigin.com/

2nd: On the official website, click the button "Buy NFT"

3rd: In the "Blind Box" interface, it is still in the countdown stage and will be opened at the opening time, just click

4th: Click "Buy Now" to draw. After completing the contract interaction, you will get an NFT blind box (one of pets, wings, mounts, and fashion)

5th: On the JOJO official website, open the blind box in "My NFT", and you will get an NFT

Tips: Open the wing blind box box and get a Divine Wings

What can Fate/Origin NFT do

1. NFT Mining

2. In-game item trading

3. Game Tesk

4. Trade NFT

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