Meet Fate/Origin

1. Background Introduction

“Fate/Origin” is the first large-scale 3D MMORPG game developed based on Binance Smart Chain. It was incubated by JOJO Gamebase and is based on the story of sword and magic in the medieval era.

In the game, you can enjoy Play-To-Earn, with exquisite game graphics and exciting real-time battles. There are also 40 kinds of NFTs in the game, such as pets, mounts, fashions, wings, etc. It not only allows you to obtain high profits, but also experience gorgeous special effects.

Many of our team members have more than 10 years of experience in the game industry. With the popularity of NFT, we are also very interested in blockchain games. After research, we believe that JOJO has great potential. We finally decided to join JOJO Gamebase.

2.NFT Introduction

There are 4 types of NFTs, which are mounts, pets, fashions, and wings. There are 10 NFTs under each type.

Mounts not only have a cute appearance, but also adds various attributes of the player.

Mounts: Wasteland Dragon, Snowfield Mammoth, Moon Sin Wolf, Arcane Ice Lion, Dragon of Doom, Crystal Nightmare, Charming Fox, Wyvern, Steel Gorilla, Fire Phoenix.

Pets will inherit a certain percentage of the player’s damage output, and powerful pets will be able to influence the situation of a battle.

Pets: Masked Nekomata, Rifleman Ashbug, Tachi·Arcanine, Shadowy Sea Girl, Candy Witch Barbie, Werewolf — Moondevour, Mecha Demonbeast, Pincer — Flame Devourer, Envoy — Demon Within, God — Behemoth.

Fashion is an indispensable thing for characters. We can change the appearance of characters by wearing different fashions. At the same time wearing different fashions, we will also get different combat attribute bonuses.

Fashion: Nether Sky, Outraged, Wedding Dress, Magician, Cowboy Set, Young Blood, New Year Costume, Red Pasion, Childhood Fantasy, Awakening Dragon.

Wings not only improve the player’s combat effectiveness, but also serve as decorations to enhance the character’s image

Wings: Titan Plume, Phantom Wings, Mach Power, Demonic Wings, Steel Feather, Radish Bonnie, Spellwings, Divine Wings, Crow’s Cry, Glimmering Wing.


October 2021

1.Development and deployment of NFT contracts

2.Game official website release

3.The game enters the test, and release the development log every week

Early-November 2021

1.Launch the INO (Initial NFT Offering) on JOJO Gamebase;

2.Listed on JOJO NFT Market

3.Start the NFT Pool

Mid-November 2021

1.More AMAs

2.Expand the Community

December 2021

1.Release the Beta APP

2.Invite KOLs to test the game

3.Game Beta APP released to the community

4.Iteration of the game

January 2022

1.Join BSC MVB Program

2.Fate/Origin 2.0 development and testing

3.Cooperation with other ecological projects

March 2022

1.Launch Fate/Origin 2.0

2.Deploy to ETH/Solana

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