DEV LOG #1: NFT Art & NFT Contract Development

In the DEV LOG #1, we will introduce the progress of NFT art production and NFT contract development.

Art production of NFT

NFT is one of the most important assets in Fate/Origin. Currently, there are 41 kinds of NFT in the game, which are divided into 4 categories: mount, pet, wing, and fashion.


There are 10 kinds of mounts in the game, namely Wasteland Dragon, Snowfield Mammoth, Moon Sin Wolf, Arcane Ice Lion, Dragon of Doom, Crystal Nightmare, Charming Fox, Wyvern, Steel Gorilla, and Fire Phoenix.


There are 10 kinds of pets in the game, namely Masked Nekomata, Rifleman Ashbug, Tachi·Arcanine, Shadowy Sea Girl, Candy Witch Barbie, Werewolf·Moondevour, Mecha Demonbeast, Pincer·Flame Devourer, Envoy·Demon Within and God·Behemoth.


There are 10 kinds of wings in the game, namely Titan Plume, Phantom Wings, Mach Power, Demonic Wings, Steel Feather, Carrot Bonnie, Spellings, Divine Wings, Crow’s Cry, and Glimmering Wing.


There are 10 kinds of fashions in the game, namely Nether Sky, Outraged, Wedding Dress, Magician, Cowboy Set, Young Blood, New Year Costume, Red Pasion, Childhood Fantasy, and Awakening Dragon.

There are male and female characters in the game. For example, for “fashion”, when different gender characters are equipped with the same set of fashion, the appearance of fashion will also change. So although there are 41 kinds of NFTs, our art team will need to draw more appearances for NFTs.

Moreover, all NFT will be displayed in the form of 3D models in the game, because there is combinability between them. When different characters wear different equipments, they will impact 3D models, plus actions such as flying, running, and releasing skills, which will involve the production of hundreds of 3D models. There is no doubt that this is a very huge task.

But the good news is that we have finished this part of the art production. In the video below, you will find the female characters wearing fashion and wings riding JOJO galloping in the game.

YouTube Link:

NFT Contract Development

Each NFT has attributes. The rarer the NFT, the more powerful the attributes it has. For example, “wings” include the following seven attributes:


Sunder armor


Life bonus

Critical strike resistance

Evasion probability

Critical injury relief

These attributes will be written into the NFT contract. Different kinds of NFT have different kinds of attributes. For example, “pets” will gain more than a dozen attributes at most. Thanks to the support of the JOJO team, we have completed the development of the NFT contract.

So far, the work we have completed on NFT includes:

Development of NFT contract;

NFT game numerical design;

More than 60 kinds of NFT image design;

The production of more than 100 NFT 3D models;

Interaction between NFT 3D model and game scene.

On November 3rd, Fate/Origin NFT will be IGO (Initial Game Offering) at JOJO Gamebase, and 9320 NFT will be sold in the form of the blind box within one week. The Fate/Origin NFT Pool will also be open on the JOJO website. You can stake your Fate/Origin NFT to earn $JOJO.

Now we are developing and debugging the game map. Fate/Origin has a huge open-world map, and you can freely shuttle through different worlds. We will introduce this section in detail in the DEV LOG next Tuesday.

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