We have introduced Kingdom Arena system before then. In this chapter, we will tell you a story happening to the Kingdom Arena game world in a form of cartoon. Afterward, there will be more interesting story chapters that could be experienced in the game:

The plot will be presented in a flashback and narration interposed in the first stage of the game, and the first act that is thrown in our eyes is what has happened to this town.

McGonagall, a little witch image, is a critical heroine in the game. The southern Gobi, where people have discovered the cultural relics of the ancient times, tracing back to several thousand years age, acts as an important experience scenario. With respect to Margle — the father of McGonagall, the reasons for his leave will be given in the later plot.

The pasture serves as a vital scene in the game, where while Lele chicken is one of the lowest level pets. They are usually imbued with strong curiosity, thus causing many troubles.

It is certain that Lele chickens pecked the egg shell, driven by their curious mouths, as a result, suffering a heavy beat.

It seems to be not simple of the creature struggling slowly to be out of the egg shell. We hereby directly let you know that it is a little offspring of SSR level NFT pet — black dragon Ancalagon

The black dragon Ancalagon has a magic combat force on the land, when Devils feel its existence and immediately attack this town, where an inevitably drastic fight landed on.

Human beings are just weak when it comes to their force before the powerful Devils!

The previous prosperous town has turned into ruins!

Importantly, the life is still in need of continuing, and it takes no longer time to begin the reconstruction under the cooperative coordination of pets and risk-takers.

The story plots told in the form of cartoon in the game have over 100 acts. The game player will read far more stories with surprise twists.

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